2018 Design Trends for Office Spaces

2018 Design Trends for Office Spaces

In the past few years, office and workspace design have taken a dramatic turn. Compared to what an office or workspace looked like a decade ago, this new trend is somewhat unconventional. Creativity has crept into every facet of workspace and office design, especially since a lot of research and study has gone into determining the connection between workspace design and employee productivity. Numerous studies have shown that workplace design has a direct correlation with employee’s creativity, productivity, happiness, and overall well-being.

Though office designs are adapted to business demands or needs, these days, organizations are more inclined to stick with designs that improve the well-being of their employees. This has resulted in more offices opting for natural lighting, artwork on walls, plants and the ditching of the popular private cubicles. Workspace aesthetics is a big thing for organizations in this age and many interior designers for office space have displayed huge creativity in their designs, leading to many new trends. This trend of creativity with workspace designs has opened the doors for so many choices and varieties to accommodate the taste of just about everyone in the workspace.

Let’s look at some of these new trends that have brought excitement to the workplace.

Biophilic design

This is one the most popular trends. It is the inclusion of plants and more natural light in workspace architecture and design. Plants brighten the office and the greenery has been shown to lower stress hormones while increasing brain activity, which translates to increase in employee’s creativity and output. With Biophilic design, it is not just about filling the office with so many plants, but about the quality and beauty of the greenery, the plants provide.

Team and collaborative design

In this design, the conservative and private cubicle workspace is replaced with a workspace that allows employees to work as a team and collaborate while doing so. This particular design is favored by the young and allows for more communication and idea sharing. The office space designers in Chennai do a great job with this design, combining both booths (for when employees need to go private) and team space.

Dynamic design

Change and ease of movement of furniture are what characterizes this design. It allows for creativity with space, engagement and a constant new feel of the workspace. Office space designers in Hyderabad are particularly good with transforming workspaces from conference room to party hall or meeting room on short notice, using movable furniture (with wheels), dividers, plants etc. Dynamic design brings creativity with space to the fore.

Multi-purpose design

Non-assigned seats are the major feature of this trend. Private cubicles are replaced with oval office desk, allowing more people to utilize the space. There could also be height adjustable tables for standing meetings, which is gradually becoming very popular.

Homestyle design

Comfort is the key word here. This trend allows the workspace to be designed and made as comfy as a home, initiating a hands-on involvement of employees in the workspace. With the kind of twist office space designers in Bangalore adds to this design, employees no longer need to be persuaded to spend long hours at work,  it just happens naturally. This is an unconventional trend, with restaurants, food trucks, bar, beer fridge, fireplace, shower and even a game room. It is an amazing design that is very comfy and stimulates high productivity.

Unconventional design

From yoga mats to sofas, vibrant colors and a whole lot of space, this is the most unorthodox trend. It attracts the young as it provides the enabling environment for fun and synergy which thrills them. Turnkey interior contractors throw-in a lot of options when creating this design. With unconventional design, creativity is let loose.

The beautiful thing about new trends is the fact that designs are only limited by the extent of the interior designer’s creativity. So many new features like breakout spaces, green dividers, artworks, use of cement (on floors,  plant containers, counter tops, chairs, lamp holders etc) and of course the inclusion of natural light and a good view (which has been discovered to reduce stress,  headaches and the effect of eye strains in the long term) are making workspace more exciting and enjoyable.

Office space designers in Hyderabad are applauded by many for their efficacy. Office space designers in Hyderabad will ensure your office space is designed and beautified with the latest design trends.

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